Shakunetsu Kabaddi Wiki

Tatsuya Yoigoshi is the protagonist of Shakunetsu Kabaddi.


Yoigoshi is a first year at Noukin High School and a former ace soccer player who dislikes sports.

Once, he got invited to join a Kabaddi club. At first, Tatsuya doubted he'd like it, but after watching a practice, he decided to join.

Yoigoshi Tatsuya used to be a big football (soccer) player, but he's had enough and, when entering high school, became a livestreamer and shunned all sports. Members of various sports teams from the school beg for him to join, but he refused them all until, one day, he met the members of the kabaddi team.


Yoigoshi has silver gray hair and vermilion colored eyes. He wears a red Noukin Kabaddi outfit and his number is 6.


Yoigoshi is a surly and arrogant teenager. Although he's shown to be prone to lose his temper easily, he can cool down easily depending on the situation.